About Us

Who We Are

EduTech VC is a venture capital firm focused on investing in the early stages of information technology startups. We are passionate about working alongside entrepreneurs to give birth to new technologies and to build those technologies into industry-leading companies.

What We Do

We have the experience and insight to create breakthrough business, the network to encourage dynamic partnership, and the passion to pursue unparalleled results. Seeking opportunities in which we can impact success, EduTech VC focuses on expansion-stage, information technology companies.

Our sector focus and investment participation—combined with a disciplined process and established financing profile—continue to generate an impressive track record of increased company valuations.

How We Do It

We believe that success comes from building a relationship of collaboration and support between EduTech VC, entrepreneurs, and the executives in which we invest. Having walked the proverbial mile in the shoes of the entrepreneur, we understand where we can add value. Such as in helping to build a management team, thinking through business development and strategic growth opportunities, or providing valuable advice on exit strategies. We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. We recognize that sometimes the best ideas are those that generate a broad consensus of investors. While we are happy to co-invest with other venture firms as part of a union, we look at our own assessment and interpretation of an entrepreneur, market opportunities and prospects for the company to guide our investment decisions. As a result, we see ourselves as "syndication agnostic" and are entirely comfortable investing in early stage company as sole investor instead of seeking validation of co-investors.